Since its inception, NIDF has delivered total returns of 188.1 % as at 31 December 2023 (assuming reinvestment of distributions). Initial investors have already received N102.58 back for every 100 Naira invested.

Summary of historical financials

NIDF has a track record of consistent financial performance.

Corporate Governance

NIDF operates within tightly defined conventions stated within the investment policy. To ensure the smooth running of the investment vehicle, NIDF has:

  • Joint Trustees controlling the operation of the vehicle
  • An Advisory Board supervising the operations
  • A Custodian to hold the investments and cash
  • An Auditor to report on the financial performance
  • A Valuation Adviser to report on the valuation
  • An ESG Adviser to report on the Fund’s Impact
  • A Fund Manager, Chapel Hill Denham Management, to determine which investments to make and to manage those investments.

Unitholders Report